RESEARCH IN STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities)


The Movement and Sport Research Centre (CeRSM) hosts three research teams :
The CeRSM is composed of 24 regular laboratory members (6 University Professors, 18 Assistant Professors), it is a laboratory to which 3 permanent Staff Physicians from the Paris and Ile de France Hospitals are also connected, together with a Staff Physician who is also an associate Assistant Professor. Université Paris Université Paris Nanterreniversity constitutes the second actor of Doctoral School number 456 "Sport, Motor and Human Movement Sciences" which is directed by Pr. Vincent Dru.

The CeRSM is totally integrated within the Sports Department (Université Paris Nanterre Université Paris Nanterreniversity, "S" Building). The laboratory is located in premises dedicated to research including offices for the doctoral students of each of the teams (meaning three rooms are available) and two experimental rooms (160 m2). When need be, some extra rooms or amphitheatres (according to the number of seminar participants) are provided to the researchers, lecturers, or for Ph.Ds' or Master's Degree dissertations' viva voce. The lab itself is equipped with items and body-testing tools (video-cameras, a force platform, an EMG Chain, a gas analyser, various ergometers, IRM Compatible equipment, etc.)

The CeRSM takes part to the scientific supervision of the Sport and Human Movement Sciences Master's Degree for its three "Research" specialities which are "Social Organisation of Sport", "Physical Practices: Psychological Perspectives" and "Motor Control" (whose ministerial authorisation is shared by Paris V, Université Paris Nanterre and Paris-Sud universities).
The CeRSM also participates in the scientific supervision of two "Professional" specialities: on the one hand "Conception and Evaluation of APA Programmes (whose authorisation is solely granted to Université Paris Université Paris Nanterre, with conventions signed with European partner universities) and, on the other hand, "Management of Sporting Events and Leisure Activities" (whose authorisation is shared by Université Paris Nanterre and Paris-Sud universities).

In the 2007/2012 period, the laboratory trained 14 doctoral students and, as a research team, helped back the research of approximately 250 dissertations for the "Sport and Human Movement Sciences" Master's Degree of the Sports Department of Université Paris Nanterre Nanterre La Défense University.

During the previous four-year contract (2004-2008), some of the members of the E 1 and E 2 teams had started bridging the thematic gap between their researches. The scientific alignment of these two teams became truly effective during the 2009/2012 period. Thus, their seminars and regular working meetings allowed these two teams to create some synergy, to strengthen and broaden their themes of research while keeping the thematic axes of the Laboratory coherent. This cohesion enabled to gain in understanding and engendered a multidisciplinary dynamic which stimulated new research in an integrating perspective. The E 3 team, "Social Sciences and Sport" made the choice of limiting its inter-disciplinary ambitions to focus on the quality of its team research, its members preferring to reassess their own co-operations by interacting with external Laboratories.

Mis à jour le 22 juin 2017