Sports Architectures

Jean-Pierre Blay, expert member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), was nominated to the “20th century building heritage” work group. He is in charge of writing the text which will complete the “Madrid Chart” (in progress) regarding sports architectures. This text will be presented to the Ministry of Culture to help with the new classification of sites.
Jean-Pierre Blay validated the fact that one of the specificities of 20th century architecture was the sports infrastructure (racecourses, stadiums, swimming-pools, dojos, race circuits, etc.). Sport has its own places of souvenir which requires the need for inventories and mapping.

The contribution of the historian consists in:
  • organizing inventories according to usual categories in order to highlight the characteristics of 20th century sports architecture;
  • assessing the cultural meaning and historicity of the buildings being restored and/or rehabilitated;
  • help to establish the acceptable boundaries of actions undertaken by the architects of historical monuments by listing the chronology of the specific building technologies used in the 20th century for sports buildings;
  • do an external assessment of the authenticity of the plans and documents coming from 20th century architects before they are archived as part of the heritage by the Architectural Archives in Provins, France.

Updated on 17 décembre 2014