Sport – Medicine – Health

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This axis in sociological research aims at examining the historically intricate relations between the “sport” and “medical” fields and the social construction of the sport-health relation. The adopted descriptive programme is twofold:
- on the one hand, it aims at questioning the different forms of medical investment in sport (technical and scientific) which result from the opposing forces of these two sectors – a balance of powers which gives rise to a configuration of the division of work (medico-sportive) changing over time and with regard to which other specialists working on the body have to take a stand (PE teachers, physiotherapists);
- and, on the other, to question the social constituents which have originated the connection between sport and health from the angle of cultural mechanisms which produce and spread standards of a healthy physical life – an investigation which also intends to be a contribution to the origins of the creation of the public health educational field.

Updated on 20 février 2015