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Presentation of the Social Science Team

The social science team links the production of knowledge which takes into account scientific requirements on the one hand and the preoccupations of social actors on the other. As we respond to tenders from private and public institutions, part of our research is structured around projects anchored into a “social demand”. A critical part of this activity consists in debating questions from the actors in order to build up a sociological problematic and get them to accept this shift. Hence our aim is to respond to the academic world as well as to the preoccupations emanating from the public authorities and the socioeconomic partners. Students participate in these research projects and are thus able to observe how to manage these different expectations.

Research themes

The universe of sport may be described as a field crossed by forces of stabilisation working at its institutionalization and its control through the setting up of measures regulating the activities deployed in it. However it can also be analysed through the destabilisations that are created or that spontaneously occur which, in any case, always result in disputes and conflicts.
The point of analysing sport and the activities closely related to it via a dialectic of order and disorder consists in encouraging more discussions between the previous axes. Indeed these seem complementary: the protagonists engaged in disputes are generally trying to find a form of stability which takes into account their obligations and their sense of fairness, while the processes of institutionalisation and creation of measures aim at overcoming disputes and the emergence of problems which might challenge the established authorities.
We believe that through establishing such a symmetry in the subject, we can encourage debates between these two axes which, up to now in our laboratories, have been marked by the mobilisation of different paradigms: on the one hand, a pragmatic sociology which was historically built on the analysis of acts of denunciation, justification, expertise or controversy and, on the other, a sociology of fields, following a tradition that aims at revealing the forms of power which stabilise social order.
To achieve this, we are thinking of changing the theme of our seminar which will open discussions about the movement which drives social actors to spark causes and create measures to maintain order, to question the establishment and develop forms of violence (symbolic or not) to ensure some control, to use more or less existing formats to support criticisms and set up organizations which will limit potentially dangerous doubts. By placing this joint seminar under the theme of mobilisation, we hope to create a dynamic of research which will help the researchers of our team to avoid limiting their studies to a single axis.
In other words, we can summarize the targets of our unit by distinguishing:
- a “Dispute” axis which aims at describing the way controversies, scandals and conflicts emerge, the political work of actors to promote issues, the critical operations in action and the justifications emanating from them, along with the time constraints – especially future visions– in which these activities are set up;
- a “Regulation” axis which aims at grasping the processes of institutionalisation and control to quell disorders and produce a more stable world;
- a “Mobilisation” seminar where the dynamics of shifting from order to disorder and vice versa will be discussed.
These targets which endeavour to capture sports practices and their organisation continue to deliberately be recorded in the production of knowledge in social science.

Partnerships and research contracts

Our team has developed several types of cooperation: with laboratories, research teams and actors from the economic and the sports worlds.

Directory of Researchers

Members of the Laboratory
Members associated with the laboratory
  • Buisine, Sébastien, Docteur en STAPS
  • Gosselin, Anne-Sophie, Docteur en STAPS
  • Oualahci, Akim, Docteur en STAPS
  • Raveneau, Gilles, MCF
  • Rodas, Henrique, Docteur en STAPS
  • Sekulovic, Adriana, Docteur en STAPS

Doctoral students and Doctors
  • Adam, Charles-Eric
  • Bonnet, Christophe
  • Bracciali, Amandine
  • Dorlean, Cyril
  • Joubert, Sébastien
  • Paupardin, Muriel
  • Pretêt, Bernard
  • Severin, Irina
  • Ville, Sylvain

Publications of the Social Science Team

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