Professional integration of graduates in the field of STAPS (Science and Techniques of Sport and Physical Activities)

Research led within the framework of RUNOPES (National university network for the observation and prospective employment in sport), in collaboration with CEREQ (Centre of studies and research in employment and qualifications), and directed by Nathalie LEROUX (coordinating 7 researchers). (2006-2008)
In response to the tender from LEST (Laboratory of Economy and Sociology of Work) – ONMAS (National Observatory of the Professions related to Animation and Sport), entitled “Professional integration of graduates in the field of STAPS”, Axis B: “The link between training and employment”

The results of the Generation 2001 survey were exploited again by the CEREQ (1) in 2007. This study shows that graduates in the field of STAPS are integrated into the workplace three years after graduation, at the cost of downgrading, uncertain situations of integration and sometimes out of the field of professions directly related to sport.
In order to shed new light on these results, this time we adopted a qualitative approach of the “situations of integration” of individuals six years after their final graduation in STAPS in 2001. 28 interviews were carried out in 6 regions of France.
Using the categories of analysis of S. Paugam (2), we made the distinction between situations where integration into the workplace is secure (crossing positive relations at work and the job) and situations of a more insecure integration (combining in various ways more or less negative relations at work and/or the job) by major types of occupations and activity sectors. We highlighted the way individuals assess their professional situation according to their career plans, the role given to socialization in the world of sport (sports diploma, network, etc.), the paths followed to find a job and according to a number of extraprofessional factors (a passion for sport, family situation, etc.)

(1) Centre for Studies and Research on Qualifications


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LEROUX N. (dir.) et al., 2007, L’insertion professionnelle des sortants de la filière STAPS. Volet 2 : L’approche qualitative des parcours d’insertion. Rapport de recherche LEST / ONMAS, Réseau universitaire national d'observation et de prospective de l'emploi sportif en collaboration avec le CEREQ (Centre d’études et de recherche sur l’emploi et les qualifications), 90 pages.

Updated on 17 décembre 2014